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26 October 2009 @ 09:38 pm
RPF/RPS Masterlist  
This is an up-to-date Masterlist of the RPF/RPS I've written.
Updated May 30, 2012.

All CHARACTER fiction can be found HERE

If you're looking for a specific rating or pairing,
I suggest using CTRL+F.
Most of it is in chronological order, and the better fics are newer.
Ratings: G, PG, PG13, R, Hard R, NC17
OC = Original character

Arashi Fanfiction

Pairings: Ohmiya, Matsumiya, Sakuraiba, Ohba, ShOhno, Sakumiya, Matsurai, Matsuba, MatsumOhno, Aimiya, OT5 and a few more.
A few pairings means I was too lazy to list.

5 to Dance Chaptered fic with OC (from PG to R) 13 chapters
One Two Three
Four Five Six
Seven Eight Nine
Ten Ten-One Ten-Two

-Sakuraiba PG13 Who are you?
-Ohmiya PG13 Life Conversations
-Matsurai PG13 Paranoia (secret lovers)
-Ohba PG13 Genki Dayo
-Aimiya PG13 Genius vs Fool
-MatsumOhno PG13 Pedophile
-Sakumiya R The easy way or the hard way out
-ShOhno PG13 Surreal
-Matsumiya PG13 Stay here
-ShoxEveryone R I'm not a toy and sequel Pain in the ass
-Aimiya PG13 Chrocolate
-OT5 NC17 Snap
-Nino murder series R Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
-Ohno one sided PG Nino, where are you?
-Sakumiya PG Untitled ficlet
-Matsurai PG13 vamp prologue and sequel Without a soul
-MatsumOhno PG13 Imperfection
-Sakuraiba Hard R First is unforgettable
-Sakumiya PG13 Thief
-ShoxEveryone R Whoa! (Sho as a girl)
-A few pairings + OC R rated Behind the spotlight
-Ohmiya R Let go
-NinoxArashi PG13 Little by little
-Aimiya PG13 With you
-Sakuraiba PG Motivation
-A few pairings PG13 Bold
-OT5 PG13 Bad habits die hard(poem form)
-Matsurai G Presence
-A few + OC PG13 Hunt for Ohno and part 2
-Aimiya PG Untitled poem form
-Matsumiya PG13 Darkness
-Aimiya R Heroin
-Sakumiya Hard R Control and sequel Denial
-OT5 PG13 Therapy
-OT5 R Personal tutor
-A few pairings PG13 Off day
-Matsumiya and others R Boogie monster
-ShOhno R Lying
-Aimiya PG13 Aiba over candies
-Ohmiya one sided PG Untitled
-Sakumiya & Ohmiya R Kaching
-A few pairings R Lock your windows and doors
-Ohmiya PG13 poem form The things we do to the people that we love
-Matsurai and others PG13 Unbelievable
-Sakumiya & others PG13 What dreams are made of
-Matsuba NC17 Conquest
-A few pairings R Hawaii (3 fics in 1)
-ShOhmiya & others NC17 Experimentation
-Matsurai PG Tired
-Sakumiya PG Destiny Part 1
-Sakumiya hints of others PG13 Untitled
-Matsurai hints of Ohmiya PG13 Quiet
-Matsumiya R No Choice
-Matsurai & Sakuraiba R Numb
-MatsumOhno hints of others PG13 Our stage
-Matsuba hints of others PG13 Outta my head
-Sakumiya NC17 Touch me now
-OhnoxEveryone R 4 times Ohno looked for something and 1 time he found it
-Matsumiya & Ohmiya R Reversal
-OT5 NC17 Untitled
-Ohmiya NC17 Icing
-Matsurai NC17 Touch it
-Matsurai R Strive and dive

Elevator Series
Aimiya PG
Matsurai R
MatsumOhno R
Matsumiya R
Ohmiya R
Sakuraiba PG13
Ohba PG13
Sakumiya PG13
ShOhno & Matsuba R

-Matsurai PG (poem form) Untitled

Collab fic with midorihaven
Matsumiya PG13 Recluse
and a kind of sequel Playtime NC17

-Ohmiya PG Untitled
-Ohmiya NC17 Exchanging of roles
-ShOhno Hard R Undesirable
-Aimiya Hard R Foreplay is my forte
-Ohmiya NC17 Storm
-OT5 NC17 As one
-Ohmiya and others PG13 Mature kind of magic
-Matsumiya R Defining factor of Jun
-Matsumiya R Misbehavior
-Sakuraiba PG13 Mystery food
-Matsumiya & Sho R La louve deguisee
-MatsumOhno and Matsumiya PG 10 points
-Sakumiya PG13 Don't stop the feeling
-Naruse/Serizawa Ohno/Toma PG Redemption
-OT5 NC17 Exhibition
-Aimiya PG Disheveled
-Ohmiya Matsurai and others PG13 Mistake
-Matsumiya NC17 Touch & untitled ficlet

11 here 21 here 2 here
5 here 4 here 2 here
2 more 6 here shomiya drabble

-Jun/Sho Oneshot NC-17 Two wrongs and one right
-Sho/Ohno/Nino Oneshot R Three has become a party
-Sho/Nino Oneshot PG-13 Undisclosed
-Sho/Nino/Jun Oneshot R I Spy
-Sho/Aiba Oneshot R Finite

-Poetry related to him
-Fic with OC Read here
-Fic with OC Scroll to part 3


NagixSho PG Who knew

Super Junior:
-78 drabbles G to NC-17 Part One Two Three
-TeukWon Oneshot NC-17 Lusting

Eeteuk/Everyone chaptered fic PG to NC17 ~ Here by my side an angel/the devil
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5
Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 || Part 10
Last Part
Plus, go HERE for a short epilogue.

-HeeTeuk Oneshot NC-17 Presents later; sex now
-OT15 NC-17 (Bandcest!) SuJu twister; pick a body
-HaeMin Oneshot R Soju & Suju
-A bunch of pairings, featuring Eeteuk R Duck, duck, goose!

Chaptered fic #2 -- Lust for Humanity -- R to NC-17
Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4
Part 5|| Part 6 || Part 7

itunes shuffle fic meme
10 drabbles here

-Yebum Ficlet R Mistake
-HanKyu & others Oneshot R Plan consisting of black eyes and fleeing members
-HeeTeuk & others Oneshot R Bad medicine
-Yemin Oneshot NC17 Sweet dreams in NY
-Kyuwook Oneshot NC17 Strangers in a strange land
-EunTeuk Oneshot R Msn conversations are often memorable And HeeHyuk Msn conversations are often memorable 2

4 Drabbles PG Kangteuk, Shinmin, Shihan, Yekyu

-Heeteuk Oneshot PG13 Does this make me gay?
-Super Junior Mystery OneshotBoogie Monster 1.2
- Yechul Oneshot R Irony
-Yemin Oneshot PG Loyalty
-KyuTeuk Oneshot Hard R Rollercoaster
-YeMin Oneshot Hard R Up in Heaven


Big bang
GTop/GDYB R (with mild violence) Surrender
GTop NC17 Superficial feelings && Sequel Scratching the surface
GTop PG Apocalypse

Itunes shuffle fic meme
10 drabbles

GTop R & NC17 One heart part 1 && Part 2

-GTop Oneshot NC17 Top You
-GTop Oneshot NC17 Life is a waterfall

3 Drabbles PG13 GTop

GTop Series R overall (Finished)
The Room part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 Final part

-Gtop Oneshot R Candy and Rainbows.....can die!
-GTop Ficlet PG Love locked down
-GTop Oneshot PG13 What Cameras Know

3 Drabbles PG JaeHo, ChanHo, KhunJae

Crossover Fiction

1. Miyavi/OC/Bi/Se7en All 12 parts
2. Miyavi/Rose/Jaejoong/OC Day in the life of Meev
3. Sho/Jiyong/Nino/Top PG13 Blind date
4. Sho/Jiyong/Nino/Top R Play in the dark
5. Sho/Eeteuk/Nino/Heechul/Jun/Hankyung NC17 Too many shots

6. Jiyong/Siwon/Hankyung/Seunghyun/Heechul R No heartbeat Part 1|Part 2|Part 3

7. Arashi; Supernatural - Nino/Ohno (Ohmiya), Sho/Castiel - Hard R - Oneshot
M-I; Unthemed 7 - 'Crime'
Days Go By


1. Xmen; James McAvoy/Charles Xavier/Michael Fassbender (McFassy). NC17 - mini Epic

2. Supernatural RPS; Matt Cohen/Misha Collins. R - oneshot
30 snapshots - prompt #12
Matt Cohen is Superman's Alter Ego

3. Supernatural RPS; Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins. PG13 - oneshot
30 snapshots - prompt #11
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

4. Avengers RPS; Chris Evans/Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston. Hard R - oneshot

Writing Challenges
For my own reference mainly; all stories can be found above as well
1. mission_insane - SPN & Xover - approx 220 fics
Started Feb 8th, 2012.

2. spn_30snapshots (Table 11 - He Said, She Said) - SPN & RPF - 30 snapshots (100+ words)
Started Mar 5, 2012.

Random Stories/Poetry
Aishiteru; poem
Sleep; short story
Stare; short story
Do you know yourself?; poem
The End; short story
Untitled 1; poem
An angel among strangers; poem
To be alone; poem
Untitled 2; poem
Untitled 3; poem
Untitled 4; poem
I hate you; poem
Like shit; poem
Untitled 5; poem
Width; poem
Anyone else; poem/song

Enjoy? lol
deelovesryo: G no Arashideelovesryo on June 27th, 2011 04:42 am (UTC)
Hi! I would like to read some of your locked Arashi fics, can you friend me, please?
Thank you.
yasu ka kazu: mama b&wtrickylady on June 27th, 2011 11:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah....I know you probably didn't see the other 10 million comments about adding because it's on my friends' post, but if some fics are locked, it's because I don't deem them worthy of being read.

I dislike most of the fics I wrote back in 2007-2008 so those ones are the most locked. But all the more recent, better quality pieces are open.

sorry about that.
deelovesryodeelovesryo on June 28th, 2011 04:11 pm (UTC)
ah! ok, sorry I didnt see that post.
janinebrjaninebr on February 5th, 2012 02:30 pm (UTC)
to sad that alot of the fics are locked :-( the titles sounds really interesting
yasu ka kazu: Arashi - Ninotrickylady on February 5th, 2012 06:59 pm (UTC)
the locked ones are not up to par, as I've said to other people, and that's why they aren't public.
sakuraiba8282_vshovsho on December 28th, 2015 05:38 am (UTC)
yasu ka kazutrickylady on January 7th, 2016 04:41 am (UTC)
the ones worth reading are open
if the communities have taken them down, then I've lost them myself.
aprelia_chan: pic#126281231aprelia_chan on August 7th, 2016 12:00 pm (UTC)
I'd like to read your Matsumiya fic, but some of them are locked, like "Touch & untitled ficlet, misbehavior, and Defining factor of Jun" . . .
I do really want to read them, so please let me access them. . By add me back or whatever else . . Please, Thank you (:_____💜💛